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Donate Milk

Milk Packet (1 Lit) - Rs 50

8 litre Milk a Child need for 30 days for one glass a day. Please donate milk to atleast 1 child for 30 days who cannot afford it.




Required by
31 Jul 2022

₹50.00 / litre

Donate Milk to Save Underprivileged Children from Malnutrition

What is Mission Milk?
An initiative through which we are providing MILK to the underprivileged children on a daily basis. The project aims to address the malnutrition and micro-nutrient deficiencies of poor undernourished children, which are preventing children from achieving complete growth

Why Milk?
Milk is a breakfast powerhouse packed with Nine essential Nutrients including 8 grams of high quality proteins, thus making it most important for a Kids.

Quantity Required?
Under this initiative we reached 300 Kids around various Districts of Assam, Odisha & Jharkhand and currently distributing on daily basis in Pune to more than 100 kids, For which we require 25 liters of milk daily.
All details about the children impacted with your donation will be shared with you


JOSHConnect Foundation

Foundation working towards helping every section of society by building website. It is connecting the NGO, beneficiary and donors from all corners of the world. Donate products and get satisfaction of your money being utilized 100% for the needy.

1A 506, Gera Greensville Trinity Towers, Grant Road, Kharadi

Why Donate Through JOSHConnect ?

  • Donate IN KIND - JOSHConnect allows to donate only IN KIND directly to beneficiaries.
  • Multiple Causes - Supporting IN KIND basic needs of underprivileged, across the Country.
  • Ease of Donation - Donate in few simple clicks.
  • Credible - Donate with confidence as JOSHConnect team strives hard to make sure every item donated is procured at much lower price than MRP without compromising on quality.
  • Tracking - JOSHConnect organizes delivery of donated Items which can be tracked online. Post delivery, feedback is provided to all donors, with Picture(s) and Video(s).
  • Transparency - Platform is 100% Transparent where all details about the need, items donated and beneficiaries are shared with donors.

Impact Report

JOSHConnect has delivered all basic needs including Groceries, Education Materials, Clothing, Toys, Livelihood Equipment, Health and Hygiene Products to various cities across India with the help of Volunteers and Trusted partner NGOs using this platform since 2018.

During COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 and various floods across states, thousands of donors confidently used the platform to help people with disaster relief material. Join JOSHConnect and experience the Biggest Happiness of Helping Others in Need.